Friday, September 24, 2010

Schumacher S/S '11

There's a reason I love Schumacher, and this season confirms it again. The collection is undeniably feminine with a bit of graphic edginess. I always love the attention to detail, especially since the backs of germents are usually ignored. Check out the sweater that splits open down the back from the collar - great for layering or wearing alone on a night out. And the taupe dress with rhinestone embellishing is really sublime...imagine how the bottom swishes when you walk! The dresses in lavender-grey with a metallic/foil finish are probably my favorite...there's a gown as seen in the runway photos and a shorter version with pale pink and mustard trim. Looove the colors. And for accessories, one model told me that the sandals she was wearing have 4" heels but were still comfortable after being on her feet for hours. My favorite accessory though (you must check out the photos! they are in a box between sandals) are these little leather wrap bracelets with a leather bow...I saw them in grey, taupe, and burgundy...adorable if worn alone or layered with multiple. Must haves! Many thanks to Anne-Kathrin for being the most fantastic host!