Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stacy Lomman S/S '11

Stacy Lommon is a great up-and-coming designer you should all know about! Check out her blog taffetadarlings while you're at it, k? What's super cool is that she got the funds for her first fashion show via a crowdfunding site, Kickstarter! Opening up donations on July 31, she met her goal of $6,000 by August 4 and then went on to exceed her goal (every penny was needed and used though!)!So I was thrilled when Wendy B told me about the innovative designer! There with The Coveted, Midtown Girl, Shoe Daydreams, and more fabulush bloggers, Alyssa and I got an exclusive look at her debut collection! Does this mean when she's showing at Lincoln Center (I estimate maybe 2-3 seasons) I'll be sat front row next to Kate Lanphear???My favorite piece had to be the one Wendy B sponsored herself - I'm so jealous she gets to keep it! If I had the $650 donation for my own custom dress (a dress of this level made just for you is usually about $1,500 so it was a killer deal) I would have done it in a heart beat. Maybe next time she'll offer up separates too, I bet I could afford those! Ooo, and she should have all us fabulous fashion bloggers be her models.


WendyB said...

Kate L. will be sitting behind you

stacy said...

Wow, you got some great photos! Thank you for being there, and yes, next time there may be separates...;-)