Monday, September 27, 2010

Vampire Diana Ring

It took me a few months to save up the cash for the Spike-inspired jewelry I coveted immediately (plus a sample sale!), but I'm happy to say that I am a proud owner of some Wendy B jewelry! It's funny, my fiance just got a BMW and the salepeople were all like, ooo congrats on your first Beemer (Bimmer?), welcome to the club. Well, that's how I feel about jewelry by Wendy B - I am officially a clubmember, ahah.The day I first slipped the ring on my finger I started receiving compliments! Everyone adores this piece, my boss, my friends, random strangers on the subway! You can too, check out the piece at Wendy Brandes today!


WendyB said...

I think I might need to use this photo on my new website!