Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vassilios Kostetsos S/S '11

Vassilios Kostetsos is a Greek designer and his line bears the inspiration of his home country like a badge of honor. For his second appearance at New York Fashion week he turned again to the Greeks of antiquity to inform his collection. This season it was the Amazon (naming his collection "Aella" after the first Amazon) as well as ancient Greek pottery and sculpture.

These influences came across in more literal interpretations, such as enlarged close-up prints featuring artwork from Greek vases. Amazonian warriors were interpreted in a more abstract fashion with a scale like use of leather detailing, reminiscent of armor and feathers, as well as exaggerated shoulders and overlays that resembled mesh metal shielding. Metallics featured heavily, as did teracotta, deep sea-like blues, and white and black. This aesthetic was imprinted on everything from business suits, to casual jersey dresses and more formal gowns, to swimsuit attire.

The show was late in the evening, and like last season my camera seems to have become exhausted before I did, but view the rest of the runway pictures in the slideshow below: