Tuesday, October 05, 2010

My Style Challenge: Hire Me!

It's no secret that I'm job hunting, as my company is moving their HQ and there is no way I would relocate! But putting together a job interview outfit is really an art form, and I'm not sure if I've mastered it yet!I just Googled "job interview dressing" and I must say the results are pretty grim. Everyone seems to recommend wearing a suit in navy, black or brown and there's actually a debate on whether a woman can wear a pants suit and she should probably err on the side of caution and wear a skirt suit. But really, why should she worry her pretty little head over those things and stick to baby making?!? Seriously, I wouldn't label myself a feminist, but even I'm about to puke over this out-dated advice!

If you're comfortable in slacks, for the love please wear them! Do you need to wear a closed toe kitten heel? Maybe 20 years ago! Would wearing a black suit help you stand out from a sea of black suits? Probably not. And a hemline an inch or two above the knee isn't going turn your interviewer into a whistling cartoon wolf. Of course, there are still rules to dressing when on the corporate job hunt! Here are some of mine:

  1. Know thy company - When going in for an interview, know the industry and what kind of work environment is it, and build from there. Creative industries like advertising and design, tend to be less conservative. In fact, if you showed up in a boring navy suit to interview at Vogue, your chances of being hired would be greatly diminished!
  2. Still err on a formal/conservative side - I don't care if it's an Internet start-up and everyone brings in their dogs and wears flip flops! You should still present yourself professionally, meaning no stains or rips, no jeans, no mini skirts. If you don't feel like you need to wear a suit, at least put on a chic blazer.
  3. Keep the focus on your awesomeness - Hair: I don't think you have to wear it up, but constantly pushing it out of your eyes is distracting for the interviewer. Same with lots of noisy bangles and the like.
I work in a pretty creative industry, doing social media marketing, meaning I can get away with a bit more flourish. While I always wear a jacket, I certainly don't have to wear a suit! I feel like I can get away with peep-toe pumps and I never wear hose in the summer! So far this has been my look:I'm wearing a High Street blazer bought at Anthropologie, a purple tank from H&M, a knit pencil skirt from Gap, earrings courtesy of Elle jewelry and dark purple heels by Jill Stuart! What do you think, need some more pizazz? Maybe a large cocktail ring?

And if you know of any opportunities in digital marketing in the DC locale, be sure to let me know! Check out my professional profile here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vyque


WendyB said...

I wore pantsuits more often than I did skirts suits for interviews, back in my corporate days.

Vyque said...

And you didn't intimidate all the executives (who must have been men)???