Friday, October 01, 2010

My Style Challenge: Bling Casual

I own this great top with pretty beading embellishment on the neckline, but sometimes it feels a bit too fancy for a regular day at the office! Luckily, I've discovered that everything can be dressed down if you layer a flannel button down on!
Here's a closer up shot of the neck - so pretty, right? But do you think the cut outs are too scandalous for work; I can never decide.

Also, my hair has officially grown out it's Japanese hair straightening, crazy how wild it looks! Any tips on managing sporadically wavy hair? It's seriously out of control and I suck at all thing hair-related! I can't even do a ponytail with a bump!

I'm wearing:
Embellished Tank: Tiny from Anthropologie
Purple Flannel: Fei from Anthropologie
Black Pants: J Brand
Red Rain Boots: Banana Republic


LyddieGal said...

i love the top and would totally wear something like that to work -- the cutout reveals nothing, so its fine in my book!

for my mess of hair, when i cant tame it with a flat iron, i put in avons smoothing balm, let it air dry in a braid and then let it go a little wild.

Chic on the Cheap

Donna Archuleta said...

I have curly/wavy hair too. And I do the brazilian keratin thing. Like Brazilian Blowout or something similar. It saves me a TON of time. You won't get results like with the Japanese hair straightening, but hey, you might like it!