Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Shopaholic Rehab: Post NY Fashion Week

Sooo.... I haven't been posting weekly updates on my Shopaholic Rehab, it's hard to discuss how much your card is paid off when you don't pay it weekly! So I may switch this to a monthly thing, we shall see.

Either way, NYFW was rough on my plastic. Constantly meeting with friends to eat, having to grab a cab in order to make a show, not to mention Fashion's Night Out splurging! And my October is already off to a shaky start as well! So I NEED to write this as a reminder of my commitment to pay off my credit card.

I did create a budget with Mint, though I'm currently confused by the balance rolling over. But I can tell I will definitely go over my clothing budget this month if I let myself bid on that fab coat on eBay... I really thought eBay would be a good way to save money, but it seems to have the same result as all those sample sale sites: "OMG I can't wait until next month to buy this because it's only available for the next few days!!!" Time constraints are the devil, though really I need to accept that even if I've been wanting something for awhile I don't "deserve" it! I've been wanting a lot of things for awhile, and I will continue to add to that list. If somethings has been on the list for a few years I still don't need it. Especially when I spontaneously buy a velvet dress at J. Crew over the weekend :O

Credit Card: 13.66% Paid Off - at least I made progress!!