Monday, October 04, 2010

The ToVieFor Story: Why You Need to Check Out Our Newly Launched Site!

We have earth-shattering news: now you no longer have to spend the retail price to have the newest luxury items. Welcome to ToVieFor - - a fashion website like you’ve never experienced before – guaranteed.

I know we’ve all experienced fashion auction websites where we bid supposedly discount prices on last season’s “must haves” which means we’re always just behind the style curve. ToVieFor is quite different, as it utilizes a ‘reverse sale’ function.

Become a member of the site and purchase credit. It only costs $0.99, and you can receive discount deals if you buy a package. Only the latest products from the most envied designers are listed for sale – NONE of this is left over stock from past seasons.

If you see an item listed and decide you want it, use some of your credit to register for the sale. And this is where the fun part starts… it is also a game.

Once you’ve registered for a sale, you will see the retail price for the item. Good news: at a set time that price will start to drop. The more people registered for the sale, the faster it drops!

When the price lowers to an amount that you’re happy to pay, click your buzzer as quickly as you can. There could be 200 other people playing for the same item, so all it takes is one person willing to pay ten cents more than you, and suddenly it becomes theirs and not yours! ToVieFor thankfully runs a lot of sales, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get a coveted bag or accessory at an amazing price.

So who’s behind TVF? ToVieFor was co-founded by Melanie Moore and Susanne Greenfield, both smart and independent women with a love for fashion. They’re just two girls in their twenties who love to look good, just like all of us. They’ve created ToVieFor as a way for us everyday women to own the latest, most fabulous fashion-related items.

Now go get your fashion fix! Head to and register. There is no cost to join and no obligation to buy credit. Browse the upcoming sales and see if anything sparks your interest. Then play! They say life is a game. Well, finally ToVieFor gives us a chance to not only win at it, but look damn good when we do it too.

This post is compliments of the awesome people at The Envied!