Monday, November 08, 2010

Did You Drink the Gretchen Haterade?

Now that the Project Runway finale is long past, I feel like I can discuss it without getting a "OMG YOU SPOILED IT!" comment. If you have yet to watch, please avert your eyes now!


So, as you know, Gretchen won. And people are CRANKY about it. Twitter was huge rant fest, and I just looked on the website and there are some nasty comments! Here are some highlights:

I can buy Grechen's clothes at Target or Wal-marts rejectrakes

My god, this collection is HIDEOUS. NO one I know would be caught wearing it. Baggy, saggy, and sad. Can't believe this won.

Carmen Sandiago called, she wants her hats back
While that last one cracked me up to no end, I was a little surprised at the shock and anger with the results. Now don't get me wrong, I was (and still am) 110% on the Mondo train. I loved how he mixed prints, his ability to be both sophisticated and youthful, his drama! But the second Nina Garcia said, "This could have been a cousin collection to last season's winner Seth Aaron's," I knew his fate had been sealed. The judges could not allow for two such similar collections to win in a row, and you just can't deny that many of the pieces would easily work in the other's show:Monda and Seth AaronAt one point I seriously couldn't tell which was which!

The judges mentioned that the winner had to not only produce a great collection, also be about where fashion was going. Since Seth Aaron had already won, apparently fashion has already moved on. I completely disagree with that, but I CAN understand what they were trying to achieve.So, from the aesthetic of the winning collection and the judges remarks, it looks like fashion is moving towards a looser silhouette mixed with a glam boho/tribal look I associate with the south of France. I'm not sure if I find that any "newer" than Mondo's bold, form fitting collection, but I feel secure going on the record saying that I don't find the collection totally unworthy of winning. In fact, can anyone tell me where I could find one of those hats?

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog! You are right on!!! ~Mrs. S

grechen said...

you know...i always loved gretchen, but i think she is my style-twin ;) when i look at her, and her clothes, i see the things i want to wear...and i think ultimately that's why she won. i appreciated mondo's designs and his creativity, and was sure he would win...but i don't think they translate as well to what women REALLY want to wear. at least en masse.

that's just my opinion though, i never got the gretchen-hate....

Style Geek said...

I wasn't just drinking the Hatorade, I was pretty much drunk off it. I didn't really like her on the show and her collection was BLAH compared to Mondo <3 but I do agree that the judges didn't want 2 similar collections winning back-to-back.

As for the judge's comment of Where is Fashion Going? I sat there after the finale pondering this idea and thumbing through my favorite blogs. Things do seem to be getting lighter and slightly more bohemian... I wonder if that dark, rocker&chains look has finally hit the peak of it's cycle.

At least Mondo made off with $20k... I hope he uses it to make the Day of the Dead shirt. I was also very taken by the youthfulness of his collection.