Monday, November 01, 2010

Fasshonaburu Gets Married: Plan it Up

Most of you know I'm engaged and have been since April 2009. Well just this September I officially had a year until the wedding (that's right, two and a half year engagement! We are slackers and not in any kind of rush) and I started to realize I needed to get around to this whole planning thing. Everyone keeps asking so here's an update!We had already booked our venue, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in VA. A beautiful place, with an atrium with trees and a pretty creek running through it, it ate up a considerable amount of our budget :O But hello, indoor fairyland!!!! The location and my ring kinda set the mood, and I created this inspiration board to help direct my thoughts a little. I mean, there are so many pretty wedding-related things that it's hard to really focus! But I'm aiming for a dark, enchanted forest.... at least at the moment!

I designed my own dress, some of you have seen the sketch but I can't share since then the surprise will be ruined! I'm terrible at keeping secrets too, this will be a difficult year! I am working with a local seamstress named Angie, she's almost famous for wedding alterations and whatnot, so I highly recommend her but contact her EARLY. She books up fast like crazy time!And I just found the perfect photographer. I had been stressed since we allocated a lot of our budget to the venue, and photographers are super pricey! But Kate Triano came to the rescue, it's like she was custom made in a lab to photograph our wedding. She has an amazing eye, so if you're looking definitely check her out! I hope she doesn't mind, but I pulled this super cute picture from her blog!

Other fun details include my ex-boyfriend as our minister - you heard me! Not only is he my ex, but he's a magician! He will probably hear a lot of "and now, before your eyes, I will made a happily married couple appear!" We're also coming up with our own last name together, recommendations are now being accepted. Our friend is currently in the process of creating the Save the Dates, hopefully they'll be out soon! Oh, and I picked out the bridesmaid dresses, they're from Urban Outfitters and micro minis - mwahahahaha!

Hopefully I'll have more updates soon!