Monday, November 01, 2010

A Fasshonaburu Halloween

I hope everyone had a safe and super fun Halloween! Continuing in my tradition of geeking out when given the opportunity to dress up, this year I was Rydia from Final Fantasy II (or IV depending on who you ask). When I played the game she was 8 bit, but there was a re-release of the game for Nintendo DS with a slightly more detailed image, so I based my costume more on that.Now I had many issues creating this costume - my wig was backordered and I ended up using a super cheap one found in my parents' basement, and the components of my outfit were from American Apparel, with the most important leotard didn't arrive until Oct 29. I didn't want to even work on my costume until I had every piece in hand, so it was all pretty much thrown together last minute. Next year I plan to improve on it greatly!And here's me with Alyssa as a zombie rocker, craving braaaaaaaaaaaaaains!