Tuesday, November 09, 2010

FRAAS Cashmink Scarf

I was recently sent a FRAAS scarf and was introduced to the joys of Cashmink!! It's some sort of special exclusive acrylic fiber created to feel and look like cashmere but for a fraction of the price. I got it about a week ago and seriously have worn it every day, it so frakkin' soft and cozy! And since the scarves are just 20€ (that's about $28 US Dollars), you can totally load up and hand then out as affordable gifts to people! I'm so gonna order a bunch right now to have for "oh crap you got me a present and now I have to get you one too" emergency gifts! Hmm, the only have women's cashmink scarves, are men's scarves different in any way? Bigger?



Always say scarves are the best accessories!