Monday, November 22, 2010

Is Worth Your Attention?

When Google bought in August, the news spread like wildfire. Ok, not really, in fact no one I know cared about the story or even used Everyone I knew used ShopStyle, Polyvore or The Find.

But Google recently announced, which was built out from They hope the site will be a social destination for fashionistas, where you can build an online profile and look for fashions that fit your style. While I already had way too many accounts, I decided I should check this out and see if it offered anything fun and special.When you start, you build out your profile choosing things you like or hate - silhouettes, colors, patterns and designers (organized by "style" - street, boho, etc). Hmm, this seems promising, only being shown fashion you actually like! So if you can't wear thong sandals, like me, they're automatically filtered out! Cathy Horyn wrote, "That may be's ultimate game-changer -- how precisely it analyzes your preferences to give you what you requested... Search engines tend to give you stuff you don't really want. A request for fern-colored shoes might yield fern shoes, plus fern-print blouses."There are still a LOT of items I may like, and I'm not 100% sold on how great the results are. First I have to zip by the 100 Gap and Old Navy pieces - not that I dislike either of those brands, but it would be nice to see stores less grouped together. I am curious as to how many online stores they currently have agreements with, it seems like more than ShopStyle but obviously cannot compare it the add anything yourself world of Polyvore.What interested me most was that they got some A-List fashion bloggers, like BryanBoy, Rumi Neely & Susie Bubble, AS WELL as some mega celebs to build profiles! Oh look, Rumi hates thong sandals just like me! :) It's actually great to see what the influential bloggers are into right now.Now while I'm sure the bloggers make their own picks, I admit I doubt the celebs maintain their boutiques. In fact, I would be impressed if they even made their initial picks on their own, I can totally see them having a stylist and/or assistant do it. Not that their picks aren't less interesting!

Overall, the search isn't that compelling or even that great - surprising since Google is king of search! But I just looked for J Brand and got results for J Crew first, seriously??? BUT I do think the social aspect of the site may be reason enough to check it out. Not only is it fun to see what other people are currently loving, but it's a great way to see what may be coming into fashion next! So if you have an account, be sure to follow my boutique, Fasshonaburu!


WendyB said...

I set up a boutique myself but I still don't see what the purpose is. Seems like they tried to improve the algorithm for fashion and then tried to spin it into a new "product." But I really am not sure what anyone will use this for. Shopstyle, btw, has always had great search capability for clothes, as does TheFind.

Vyque said...

I definitely find the search to be lacking and will continue to use other sites like ShopStyle. So far the only stand out the site offers is the ability to look through "taste makers" saves, though that's a pretty similar offering to Style Hive.

ashe mischief said...

Like Wendy, I don't really get it. But then again, I went through and sorted all of my preferences, and was given a bunch of shit I wouldn't be caught in.

To be honest, I doubt I'll go back to it... but I love your review of the site, it really hits a lot of the intricacies of the site on the head!