Monday, November 29, 2010

Shopping for the Shopaholic

Time to continue my holiday gift guide series! Check out my previous posts, Shopping for the Spoiled Teen, Shopping for the the Hipster, Shopping for the Drunk Tart and Shopping for the Geek Chic Girl! But today we shall focus on one of the most difficult people to shop for - the Shopaholic!! What do you buy for the person who already bought it... in five different colors!?! Here are some tips and ideas:

  • A Giftcard - For most people this is a cop out gift. But to a shopaholic, this is a chance to do more of what they love - buy stuff! Try to find a store they have yet to discover for an added bonus! Most fashion bloggers are familiar with ShopBop, but you'd be surprised at how many fashion savvy friends you have only know of stores with brick and mortar locations. Other "non obvious" places to buy gift certificates could be Intermix or Net-A-Porter!
  • Upgraded Fashion Site Memberships - Only the richest shopaholics can afford to buy every piece of fashion they want! But now they can rent on a whim, which may actually save them money in the long run! Bag Borrow Or Steal (now called Avelle... why would you change the name when it had such great brand recognition??) is free, but preferred members get much better deals! Or how about a 1st Row membership to ideeli so they can shop sales before non-members?
  • Classic Beauty Products - Does anyone ever own enough Chanel No. 5? And I don't care how dedicated you are to your current skin routine, a pot of La Mer will certainly get used! Beauty products are great because they get used up, but can also be tricky as there are only a few items that seem universally liked. Besides the two I just mentioned, Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream, NARS blush in Orgasm, Hollywood Fashion Tape, Foot Petals and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment would be welcome presents to most people.
  • Just Ask! During the holidays people put way too much stress on themselves to find the perfect, thoughtful present for everyone on their list. Prevent holiday overwhelment (this should be a real word) but just asking what they want. Contrary to popular belief, shopaholics actually can't buy everything they want immediately, they often save squirrel away items to "buy later." This of course, is interchangeable with a wishlist (mine is definitely a "buy if not gifted to you" list)! So save yourself some trouble and just see what they want. And if you're desperate to surprise them, check Amazon to see if they already have a wishlist and snag something off that!
Good luck and be sure to take time to enjoy the holidays!


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