Monday, November 15, 2010

Wardrobe Necessities

It often surprises me when I find some women haven't put much thought into the basics needed in every woman's closet. As someone who's devoured fashion magazines since she was a young tween, I've probably read more than 100 articles on the subject, and sometimes I can forget that not everyone has had this type of information drilled into their heads! As a blogger I can often get obsessed with finding a unique take on a subject, but sometimes it's important to just provide good advice.

So, where are the important pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe? Pieces that aren't just necessary but will also be worn constantly and often, making them worthy of the term "investment."

  1. A warm wool coat - well, unless your locale never drops below 45 degrees!
  2. Ballet flats for looking chic and comfortable, a la Audrey Hepburn. Wear these instead of white athletic when commuting to the office please!!
  3. Bootcut jeans, if fit well, will flatter everyone
  4. A long pearl strand looks great as is or doubles (or tripled) over for a layered look
  5. A white button down, alone or layered, is a classic
  6. A pretty evening bag - I like ones with straps and are metallic, which is neutral yet festive
  7. Tall boots, flat or heeled, look great with almost anything
  8. A little black dress that goes from the office to cocktails
  9. A trenchcoat for spring showers and the occasional clandestine rendezvous
  10. A classic, not too big, not too little, day bag. I prefer one in "griege" - beige grey, which pretty much manages to match everything
  11. A V neck cardigan in the perfect length - hitting just a little below your hip bone
  12. Nude pumps elongate the legs - go in person so you can find a pair to match your skin tone
  13. Whether a skirt or pantsuit, you can wear as separates or together
  14. A couple soft tees in various colors can be dressed up or down on you like. I will never own enough James Perse
  15. An oversized cocktail ring jazzes up a party dress, but can be surprisingly wearable for everyday
  16. Something outrageous!


Poochie said...

I think the "essentials" really vary. I don't own a white button down or long pearls. My day bags tend to be brightly colored vs. neutral and I don't own any nude pumps either. I don't even have really any oversized rings. I have a trench but very rarely use it. Funny, huh?!?

Vyque said...

It's so true, I own a white button down that's been worn once ever! It's super cute though, I should really break it out sometime.... anyhoo, I'm totally doing a following up next week on what you REALLY need in your wardrobe ;)