Monday, November 29, 2010

Wardrobe Staples According to Style

Earlier this month I wrote about wardrobe necessities, items every girl needs in her closet. But to be honest, it's not really true - I own a classic white button down that's been worn perhaps once ever.

As the lovely bloggette, Poochie of Shoe Daydreams, accurately pointed out, "I think the 'essentials' really vary." I agree that what you can't live without may not once been worn ever by your best friend, it all depends on your personal style! I once wrote about what I felt the four true styles of fashion were: Boho, Tough, Preppy and Romantic. I decided to create four different sets of wardrobe staples for each style, trying to focus on what will be chic for 20111. I'm constantly debating on adding a fifth style, Quirky, but for consistency's (and my laziness's) sake I will stick with my four until someone protests ;)

Boho Staples

Starting off is Boho. Also known as hippy chic, bohemian, foho, folksy, tribal, cultural, gypsy, ethnic, festival chic!
  1. Gladiator Sandals
  2. A Hand Tooled Leather Bag because fringe is just too obvious
  3. A Peasant Dress, preferably in some sort of paisley-euque print
  4. A Tiered Maxi Skirt
  5. An Army Parka - borderline between boho and tough
  6. A Gold Cuff
  7. A Furry Gilet
  8. A Kaftan, hopefully with ethnic embellishment
  9. Clog Boots because they will probably remain in style longer than plain clogs
Preppy Staples

Second is Preppy. Also known as school-girl chic, sporty, posh ladylike, American classic, Palm Beach, nautical, Ivy League style, equestrian!It was hard for me to come up with staples that weren't already listed in my original post (white button down, pearls, etc) but I came up with...
  1. Espadrille wedges
  2. Boxy Boucle Jacket for charity lunches
  3. A Full Skirt
  4. A Chambray Button Down - see you can be preppy and trendy at the same time!
  5. Faux Fur Swing Coat
  6. Quilted Chain Strap Purse
  7. A Wool Cloche
  8. Equestrian Boots
  9. A Tweed Blazer - I feel like this style is rather heavy on the blazers
Tough Staples

Next is Tough. Can be called rocker, futuristic, biker chic, grunge, punk, military-inspired.
  1. A Leather Motorcycle Jacket
  2. Leopard Print Pumps
  3. Tartan Pants for when you feel like Sid Vicious
  4. A Distressed Tee
  5. A Sequin Jacket, to be worn during the day
  6. Studded Purse
  7. Combat Boots
  8. Leather Shorts - a "new" staple that I'm obsessing over!
  9. A Longsleeved Bodycon Dress
Romantic Staples

Last is Romantic. Also known as girly, Victorian gothic, Edwardian, baby doll, feminine, Grecian or ethereal.
  1. A Velvet Blazer
  2. A Grecian chiffon dress
  3. A Lace Top
  4. Satin Peep Toe Pumps that you can wear in the boudoir or the the office!
  5. Lace Up Booties - think more Victorian than hiking-inspired
  6. Art Deco Jewelry, which I suppose was considered modern in its heyday but now is retro and glam
  7. Rosette Handbag - most purses are preppy structured or slouchy boho, but this still is truly girly
  8. Silk Poet Blouse
What's your style? I'm a mix of tough and feminine, so you can often see me wearing flowy chiffon dresses paired with leather jackets! Did I leave anything out? I already feel like I should have included a breton striped top for preppy