Friday, December 31, 2010

Links à la Mode: Inspiration Now

Edited by Ashe Mischief/Dramatis Personae

After being a Links a la Mode editor for years, it's really refreshing to come back and edit our end of 2010 edition! It felt so timely, too-- the end of a year. So many new, exciting things to look forward to. New ideas, people, inspiration. That's where this round-up came from: inspiration. It's my hope that these posts will inspire you, as they've inspired me-- as a reminder to step outside your boundaries to try something new. As a reminder to look at the world around you. To be bright and brilliant and love fashion & style. To treat yourself well, to love yourself, and feed your mind & body all you need to thrive-- and hopefully inspire and help you to be the person you want to be in 2011.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year!

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  • Fasshonaburu: Why is that most "Flatter Your Shape" articles will feature petite and curvy, yet rarely both in one person?

  • Fuyume: Is the rise of Asian models a fad?

  • The House in the Clouds: Shine your light on me: A reminder to all women that we are more beautiful and interesting collectively.

  • I'm the It Girl: Colour Trends S/S 2011: From Runway to H&M

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Setting Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

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  • MoMoMod: I'm bound to believe that Catherine's definitive, effortless, and lady like style is perfect in its own right.

  • My Fashion Lust List: Fashion Related Health Problems

  • The Coveted: Snow boots for urban sludge

  • The Red Dot: Fashion Illustration therapy: review of three of the best fashion illustration blogs of the moment - Do they have influence on our style and looks?

  • Watch This Place: In a world where 'shocking' is no longer shocking, I consider whether the 'rock-'n'-roll-bad-girl' has lost her edge.


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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Diamond Studs With Chain Backs

Diamond Studs With Chain BacksThese diamond studs have a chain connecting to their backs - I LOVE THIS!! Not only do they take a classic and make it look totally unique, but you will never loose the backs, ahah. Currently out of stock at Catbird, this gives me time to save up for the $400 price tag. I'd also like to note that the diamonds are "reclaimed" from vintage jewelry, making them conflict-free!

Dark Tribal Print Tee

Dark Tribal Print TeeI love how dark this tribal print tee is!! It makes it much easier to rock year-round, as opposed to something you wear only in spring / summer. Buy at Urban Outfitters for $34.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turban Style Head Wrap

Turban Style Head WrapI've been playing around with the idea of rocking a knit turban this winter and came across this orangey red head wrap. It's very subtle and only $28 at Lori's Shoes.

Last Minute New Year's Dresses

Are you panicking over a total lack of something cute to wear this New Year's Eve?? Well, luckily for you I scoured the most common chain stores out there, like Gap, Forever 21, and Kohl's, to pick out cute dresses! I can't guarantee they're in stock at the store near you, but at least you can go in with specific items in mind instead of shopping in a madly chaotic whirlwind! Trust me, that usually does not end very well.

Square Stud Shoulder Bag

I was checking out the great sale today at Last Call by NM and got totally distracted by this fabu Treesje purse!! The two tone square studs are great embellishment, giving a very unique edge to it! Originally $365, it's currently on sale for just $198!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's Hear It for Short & Curvy

Have you ever noticed that in movies and books, whenever a girl is supposed to be short she's automatically also waifish? Other common adjectives include pixie-like, elfin... pretty much any of those tiny fantasy creatures (big exception: hobbit). You really never hear or see a petite, busty character. I can't think of any small and voluptuous pairings besides maybe Jenny from the "Gossip Girl" books - and we all see how well that went over with the casting director!

I am 5'1. When I go to fashion week, models tower over me. When get on the subway, average people tower over me!! While I have lost some surplus pounds over the past two or three years and have a small frame, I rock a pretty ample 32C and seem to always look a touch stocky due to my non-lithe muscles.

The average height of a woman in the US is just shy of 5'4. The average bra size of a woman in the US is a 36 C. So why is that most "Flatter Your Shape" articles will feature petite or curvy, yet rarely both in one?!?! I am here to remedy that, so get ready for some first hand knowledge!
  1. Buy petite sizes. I know it seems obviously, but for a long time I thought buying regular sized clothing and having them hemmed was the same thing. Trust me, if there's a petite version it will be more flattering on your figure! Jeans in particular need to be petite, otherwise the knee area will end up somewhere over your shin. But could someone please explain to some companies that petite is not the smaller than size small size??? XS and Petite are NOT interchangeable!
  2. Stock up on medium & skinny belts. I used to worry that belts would cut me in half, thus making me look shorter, but a good belt will define your waist and make you appear longer and leaner! But be wary or wide belts, when you have a short torso, like me, they can make it look even shorter! I recommend staying at 2 inches and under.
  3. Also stock up on heels. There's no denying that heels will make you look taller and leaner. And can wreck havoc on your feet! But remember that even a tiny half inch wedge makes a surprising difference! And a platform provides extra height without adding too much of a pitch. Finally, a shoe with a low opening tends to lengthen you while things like ankle straps cut you off. This doesn't mean you can't wear booties, but it's easiest to pull off if you're wearing the same color tights.
  4. Don't fear tightness. An empire waist will lengthen you, but only if it's on the formfitting side. Forgo wide-legged pants for more flattering flared shapes. Baby doll dress and trapeze tops will never be your friend unless you belt them. And if you have your heart set on something like a boxy blazer, make sure it's cropped! Again, it's all about waist definition and showing off your shape! One of my friends is petite and plus-sized, she used to wear loose tops to hide her thicker waist and tummy. One day I forced her into a snug (in her opinion) v-neck dress with a dark waist band and she was shocked to see that she looked 10 lbs lighter!
  5. Watch proportions. Always consider hemlines. Pants tend to look best past the ankle and skirts are usually most flattering above the knee. I love my minis, but a skirt that's about an inch above the top of your knee looks great for the office! Long skirts can actually be shortening, particularly with a full shape, so tread carefully. And beware the dreaded tea-length, which even some models have trouble pulling off!
Here are some great wardrobe options for the petite and curvy out there:

It's so important to be proud of your shape! Often women try to emulate a beautiful celebrity, but pick some one with a completely different body type! Only a handful of women are born shaped like Kiera Knightly, sorry! I will never be willowy like Nicole Kidman or statuesque like Christina Hendricks. I suppose could near kill myself to be pixie size like Natalie Portman... I think I'll pass!But you know what? I could be voluptuous yet tiny like Scarlett Johansson (who's 5'4!), Salma Hayek or Kim Kardashian (who are both 5'2!). So you have any petite, yet curvalicious celebrities that inspire you?

Seamed Puffer Coat

This Vena Cava puffer coat totally reinvents the concept, making you look less like the Michelin Man and more like a woman! It's still a little... puffy, but really what can you expect? I think this would look great paired with a wide stretchy belt! Buy at Bird for the sale price of $359.

Diane von Furstenberg Sale Code

Diane von Furstenberg saleMost stores promote their sale codes on their websites, but sneaky Diane von Furstenberg has nary a peep! But a little birdy has told me you can get an extra 20% off sale items with the code "2010SALE" now until Dec 31. Wah, I has want!

Suede Slouch Trousers

Suede Slouch TrousersThese slouchy suede trousers have a great tapered leg which looks so chic cuffed all peg leg style! On sale for $130 at Madewell, you can get an additional 30% off with the code "BYEBYE" - that makes these pants just $91! The code is for sale items only and expires tonight!

Cropped Tuxedo Jacket

Cropped Tuxedo JacketI'm currently stalking a cropped grey tuxedo blazer, but this black one is a pretty good alternative if it sells out! Don't you love the peacock feather lining? Buy at TopShop for $80.

Full Leather Skirt

I love my pleated leather skirt so much that I would consider buying this as well so I could have two to alternate between! Luckily for my credit card they're sold out of small, though after all the holiday eating I'm probably a large now! Buy at Intermix for the sale price of $259. If you love full skirts and don't have one in leather I cannot possibly recommend buying this more!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mesh Inlay Sandals

Mesh Inlay SandalsI know most of you probably aren't thinking about sandals with snow on the ground, but look how cute this pair is! They would look great when paired with spring safari fashion! Originally $619, buy at Acrimony for the sale price of $327.

Hooded Sweater Poncho

Hooded Sweater PonchoLately I've been craving a slouchy, blanket sweater with poncho inspiration! This hooded one by 360 Cashmere would be almost perfect, if not for its $298 price tag. Buy at Madison LA.

Nail Head Ring

Nail Head RingThis gunmetal ring has a badass design of nail heads. Totally edgy, it somehow manages to convey an organic feel as well, as if the nails were in coral reef form or something! Buy at Oak for $99.

Floral Print Scarf Neck Top

I love the print and drapey fit of this silk scarf top! Feminine and sophisticated, it's on super sale for $199 at

Leopard Cross Dolman Tee

Leopard Cross Dolman TeeCross jewelry is really popular right now, so why not a cross tee? I love this one's leopard print and dolman shape! Buy at Urban Outfitters for $38.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

This week I made a quick trip to NYC for a little shopping and to hit up the Style Coalition Fashion 2.0 Holiday Party! It was great to see some of my favorite people in NY like Yuli, Julia of Fashion Pulse Daily and Sarah of Style It! Since I came in that morning and left that night, my holiday party outfit had to be both comfortable for hours on the bus, yet stand out for a fashion soiree!I ended up wearing a purple t-shirt dress from ASOS as a base, along with a metallic fabric necklace from Urban Outfitters and my beloved Belle by Sigerson Morrison wedge shooties. While on the bus I wore leggings over my faux suspender House of Holland tights (which are annoyingly now available at Urban Outfitters), and stuffed a petticoat I bought at Anthropologie into a pillowcase for snoozing. That whole petticoat in a pillowcase was probably my best idea ever!!!! Once I got into the city I stuffed the leggings and pillowcase into my purse, pulled on the petticoat to look like a tutu and I was good to go!I wish I had taken the time to grab a full outfit shot,but I had tons of fun seeing friends and meeting new people! Check out the official event photos, which is where I stole these, and here's some of the pictures I took:

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and I'll see you all next week!

Red Wool Coat

Red Wool CoatPeopel always go crazy for my bright pink winter coat, it's such an easy way to stand out and look chic when it's freezing out! This fire engine red coat by Tahari is a classic look made stand out! Plus it's on sale for the 40% off price of $130 at Nordstrom.

Putty Satchel Bag

Putty SatchelI'm not much of a purse person, I pretty much have used one of two day bags for the past four years! I can't help it, I just hate switching out all my stuff, even though I actually have a little purse organizer pouch that makes it a two minute ordeal. But when a purse does catch my eye it's always a versatile putty grey and looks like a messenger bag and a saddle bag had a lovechild. This Marc by Marc Jacobs purse is a perfect example! Alas, it's a pricey $478 at Zappos.

Leopard Harem Pants

Leopard Harem PantsThese pants are chic now but would also take you right into spring fashion! Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like they're fun and make a statement without being too much! Buy at Nasty Gal for $48.

White Flower Print Dress

White Flower Print DressLooking for a last minute dress for New Years Eve? Chances are that you live within driving distance of a Banana Republic, so here's a great option! The mostly white flower print will help you stand out in a sea of black dresses, and this party dress becomes work ready with a blazer! A great deal for $150.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puff Sleeved Flannel Shirt

Puff Sleeved Flannel ShirtNot all flannel is lumberjack grunge! Check out this shirt, feminized with some poet-like sleeves! Buy at Rugby for the sale price of $65.

Terry Cutout Blazer

Terry Cutout BlazerThis T by Alexander Wang blazer looks so soft and cozy!! And I love the back cutout, which would look great over a brightly colored shell. Buy in grey or black at ShopBop for $180.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

Fortune Cookie Coin PurseRemember Diane Eng from the second season of "Project Runway?" She still does fashion, mostly in the form of wearable electronics - she contributes to "Make" an electronics magazine the Mr reads! Well, she designed this adorable fortune cookie coin purse, which is an affordable $45.

Knotted Pickup Skirt

Knotted Pickup SkirtThis full, jersey mini by Juicy Couture has great knotted pickup details! Buy at Ssense for the sale price of just $70!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Developing a New Job Wardrobe

As I had mentioned before, I recently got a new job!! I'm extremely thrilled, particularly with my leap in title! Starting next year I will no longer be a mere marketing manager, but a director! I'm totally a big deal, ahah.

For those of you who have met me, you know that I will probably never look my age. Most people would estimate in the 24-26 year old range, certainly not guessing my next birthday may possibly involve the number 3 and the number 0! And while I will never consider this a bad thing, I do want to convey an air of experience to those reporting to me!

Sadly enough, there really aren't many style icons known for an office-appropriate wardrobe. Most It Girls are photographed at glam events, walking the red carpet, or in casual mode as they run errands. So, if you're like me, you probably learned how to dress fashionably for work from Sex in the City.Sure the most memorable outfits were a bit crazy, with oversized flowers, gold lamé pants and yards and yards of fabric. But it also showed how four fashionable women could dress for work, particularly Miranda with her menswear suits and Samantha with her crayola colored blazers!

But I personally found Miranda's style too conservative and Samantha's a bit too 80's to inspire me right now. I'm definitely no preppy Charlotte and dressing girly probably would make me appear even more youthful! I'm probably most like Carrie, but, alas, as a writer she rarely had a reason to dress for work!

Happily, due to the advent of style blogs such as Street Peeper and The Sartorialist, a new type of style icon has emerged: The Fashion Editor.Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo, Kate Lanphear, Giovanna Battaglia... these impossibly chic women know how to dress to impress, yet still go into an office every day! OK, sometimes get a little wacky at times (particularly Anna!), but in general they're dressed to be seen and run a staff meeting.

Edgy Menswear for the Office

I hate to be the five zillion, three hundred and forty second fashion blogger to be inspired by Elle editor, Kate Lanphear, but you can't deny who you are! I pretty much LIVE in my skinny J Brand trousers, love hardware and am very drawn to androgyny. And I think her edgy, masculine style is perfect for conveying "fashionable and in charge!" While I do plan to wear color on occasion, the style stalking of Kate start in 2010!

Silk Smocked Shorts

Silk Smocked ShortsFor the past year I've been obsessed with finding a killer pair of culottes! They need to be extremely short, in order to avoid soccer mom territory, have a good amount of volume and move when you walk! This burgundy pair at Bluefly totally fits the bill and is currently just $60!

Circles Ring

Circles RingI'm loving the organic, bubble-like style of this Ariel Gordan piece! Most eye catching rings tend to be oversized but this one makes a more subtle statement. Buy at Goldyn for $130.

Grey Strappy Top

Grey Strappy TopI really like this strappy top by Preen, which has a chic, futuristic vibe. I would totally wear it with a floaty, chiffon skirt for an unexpected twist! Buy at Blue & Cream for the sale price of $165.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wear to Work... the Street Corner!

I was recently perusing the online boutique of a store I had forgotten about, Arden B. Since I just got a new job with people reporting to me and everything, I thought maybe I should buy some more blazers, to make me look all distinguished and whatnot. So I click on "Wear to Work" and...Yowzas! That's certainly a look that will get you noticed in the office! But of course if properly styled with a white button down a satin suit with rhinestone buttons would be ill-advised, but not so offensive to require an HR intervention. So let's see what else there is...
REALLY GUYS? You really think a zip front corset is something you can wear to work?? What kind of eurotrash people are behind the scenes here? I'll just have to continue my search for new work clothes elsewhere...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shredded Camo Sweater

You know how I love deconstructed things, particularly knits! This Junya Watanabe camo sweater would be perfect when facing an apocalypse! And I seriously love the idea of open underarms, perfect for when you need to reapply some deodorant, ahah. Buy at Neiman Marcus for the sale price of (sigh) $495.

Rhinestone Neck Tee

Rhinestone Neck TeeLove this Erin Fetherson for Juicy Couture tee! With its dolman sleeves and embellished neckline, it would look great paired with a skirt for a holiday party look! Buy for $158.

Plaid Riding Coat

Plaid Riding CoatIt's super duper freezing out, do you need to get yourself a cute new coat? I like this plaid one by DKNY, which has a tailored menswear look. Originally $595, it's on mega sale for $190!

Sheer Polka Dot Blouse

I'm very into black and white polka dots right now, I blame Mondo from "Project Runway!" This sheer blouse is super cute and would look great paired with another black & white print or a bright color! Buy at Pixie Market for $73.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Lauren Merkin Online Sample Sale

Lauren Merkin's first online sample sale starts today! Ends on December 19 at midnight EST. Lots of cute clutches and some handbags.

Happy shopping!

Playing Dress Up Or Too Much?

I saw some commentary on fellow fashion blog ferOHHHsh on an editorial in the recent Vogue Paris featuring six-year-olds dressed to the nines. And while my buddy was horrified by the spread, I didn't find it offensive at all. Have I watched one too many Toddlers & Tiaras? The Mr would say yes to that question without even knowing the context :OWhile I do believe that girls are growing up WAY TOO FAST, I do imagine that this shoot was more little girls playing dress up as opposed to sexualizing children. I do that admit some of the poses are a bit much, and I would have preferred giggling smiles over vacant model stare downs. But I also kinda like that they treated it like any other fashion shoot, which definitely creates an edgy art vibe to the editorial.
Perhaps this is all commentary on the industry's obsession with youth? If you think about it, most regular high fashion shoots have models in the 15 to 20 range. At least these girls' parents were (hopefully) there!
What do you think?

Holiday Sparkle

Who has time to buy a New Years dress when Christmas shopping is going on??? Of course it's always easier to find some beautiful accessories- maybe to update a LBD? I love these sparkly bangles and cuff for $195 each - time to buy a Christmas present for myself!!!!

Leather Waist Pants

Leather Waist PantsA classic pair of black pants with a leather waistband twist! And check out the silver hardware on the back, an interesting mix of Western and rock. Buy at NM Last Call for the sale price of $228, and right now you get an extra 30% off, making them about $160!