Monday, December 06, 2010

Cold Winter Fashion

Over the summer I wrote about Heat Wave Fashion, giving tips on dressing fashionably while staying cool. Well, now that the temperatures have dropped and there's ice on my car in the morning, I figured I should write about staying warm and chic! This is actually a very difficult subject for me, I just cannot abide cold weather and find myself reaching for the same black knit pants and various basic sweaters every morning. It's too cold to stand in my underoos debating on what to wear so I have to throw on whatever I grab first!!! And even though I spend approximately 3 minutes going from my front door to my car and then spend the rest of my day inside, I always dress like I'll be observing emperor penguins at the South Pole.

Warm Winter Chic

But I know it's possible to be warm and chic at the same time, I've seen other people do it! Here are some tips and recommendations we just need to keep in mind:
  • Pay attention to your bottoms. It's much easier to keep your top half warm than your poor legs, so be sure to have bottoms that help you retain heat. I already mentioned that my ponte knit pants are a staple of my cold weather wardrobe, so much warmer than my cotton chinos! Velvet and brocade are particularly chic right now and would be more interesting than your basic tweed pants. Besides fabrics that block the wind, remember that tighter sihouettes not only look better with chunky sweaters, but will keep you a little warmer! Finally, never underestimate the benefit of a tall boot, best if over the knee!
  • You know why its easier to keep your top half warm? By layering! Time to learn the art of fashionably layering. Not always an easy task, I recommend checking out how others, like Jennine of The Coveted, pull it off! I'm still a beginner, but one thing I've learned is to invest in a few belts. Wearing a cami under a deep v tee under a button down under a long vest can add a lot of volume, but a belt will show everyone you still have a waist!
  • Cute winter accessories will keep you warm and add zing to an outfit! I recommend a faux fur pull through scarf this winter like the leopard print one on the Dries van Noten runway. And the best topper to keep you warm and avoid hat hair would have to be a slouchy beret / beanie.
Hope these ideas will keep you fashionably warm this winter!