Monday, December 20, 2010

Developing a New Job Wardrobe

As I had mentioned before, I recently got a new job!! I'm extremely thrilled, particularly with my leap in title! Starting next year I will no longer be a mere marketing manager, but a director! I'm totally a big deal, ahah.

For those of you who have met me, you know that I will probably never look my age. Most people would estimate in the 24-26 year old range, certainly not guessing my next birthday may possibly involve the number 3 and the number 0! And while I will never consider this a bad thing, I do want to convey an air of experience to those reporting to me!

Sadly enough, there really aren't many style icons known for an office-appropriate wardrobe. Most It Girls are photographed at glam events, walking the red carpet, or in casual mode as they run errands. So, if you're like me, you probably learned how to dress fashionably for work from Sex in the City.Sure the most memorable outfits were a bit crazy, with oversized flowers, gold lamé pants and yards and yards of fabric. But it also showed how four fashionable women could dress for work, particularly Miranda with her menswear suits and Samantha with her crayola colored blazers!

But I personally found Miranda's style too conservative and Samantha's a bit too 80's to inspire me right now. I'm definitely no preppy Charlotte and dressing girly probably would make me appear even more youthful! I'm probably most like Carrie, but, alas, as a writer she rarely had a reason to dress for work!

Happily, due to the advent of style blogs such as Street Peeper and The Sartorialist, a new type of style icon has emerged: The Fashion Editor.Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo, Kate Lanphear, Giovanna Battaglia... these impossibly chic women know how to dress to impress, yet still go into an office every day! OK, sometimes get a little wacky at times (particularly Anna!), but in general they're dressed to be seen and run a staff meeting.

Edgy Menswear for the Office

I hate to be the five zillion, three hundred and forty second fashion blogger to be inspired by Elle editor, Kate Lanphear, but you can't deny who you are! I pretty much LIVE in my skinny J Brand trousers, love hardware and am very drawn to androgyny. And I think her edgy, masculine style is perfect for conveying "fashionable and in charge!" While I do plan to wear color on occasion, the style stalking of Kate start in 2010!