Friday, December 31, 2010

Links à la Mode: Inspiration Now

Edited by Ashe Mischief/Dramatis Personae

After being a Links a la Mode editor for years, it's really refreshing to come back and edit our end of 2010 edition! It felt so timely, too-- the end of a year. So many new, exciting things to look forward to. New ideas, people, inspiration. That's where this round-up came from: inspiration. It's my hope that these posts will inspire you, as they've inspired me-- as a reminder to step outside your boundaries to try something new. As a reminder to look at the world around you. To be bright and brilliant and love fashion & style. To treat yourself well, to love yourself, and feed your mind & body all you need to thrive-- and hopefully inspire and help you to be the person you want to be in 2011.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year!

  • Antares: Alfa Scorpii: Mori girls style is an amazing street style trend, the mixture of ethnic, folk, lolita-style and others.

  • Awakened Aesthetic: Araks Yeramyan's lingerie is both ethical and effortless.

  • Beyond Fabric: On Family History - Vintage Family Pics

  • Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town.: Using the 12 Days of Christmas as style inspiration. A 12-verse song translated into 12 winter looks

  • Boheme Noir: 10 Ways to Wear Tartan & Plaid

  • Circle City Style: High Fashion in the Style of Gemma Teller

  • Dramatis Personae: If I were Another Girl... Inspired by Eastern European Boho Style

  • Fasshonaburu: Why is that most "Flatter Your Shape" articles will feature petite and curvy, yet rarely both in one person?

  • Fuyume: Is the rise of Asian models a fad?

  • The House in the Clouds: Shine your light on me: A reminder to all women that we are more beautiful and interesting collectively.

  • I'm the It Girl: Colour Trends S/S 2011: From Runway to H&M

  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Setting Blogging Resolutions for the New Year

  • Liv Lux Magazine: How to Ease High Heel Foot Pain [Video]

  • Lust, Love, Lose: Lust- Maggie Matich's Lavender Hair

  • Just B Blog: B Festive: Hair Tinsel the perfect holiday hair accessory!

  • Miss Vicki: Crossing the line between fetish and fashion

  • Modly Chic: Typical New Year's Resolutions-- Blogified.

  • MoMoMod: I'm bound to believe that Catherine's definitive, effortless, and lady like style is perfect in its own right.

  • My Fashion Lust List: Fashion Related Health Problems

  • The Coveted: Snow boots for urban sludge

  • The Red Dot: Fashion Illustration therapy: review of three of the best fashion illustration blogs of the moment - Do they have influence on our style and looks?

  • Watch This Place: In a world where 'shocking' is no longer shocking, I consider whether the 'rock-'n'-roll-bad-girl' has lost her edge.


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