Friday, December 03, 2010

Open Lace Leopard Print Boots

This morning I put on my flared jeans and decided I don't own enough warm weather, high heel shoes! All my boots are flat and these jeans are hemmed for at least a couple extra inches of height. I'm currently looking for the pink Jeffrey Campbell Litas in my size (6.5 please keep your eyes open!), but these open lace, leopard print ones are quite tempting as well! I feel like the open lace isn't too bad, since at least your toes are covered! But I'm not 100% sold, so I will hold out for pink! If you want, buy at Nasty Gal for $188.



Just bought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes last week, I am not lying when I say most comfortable shoes ever owned. OBSESSED WITH MR. CAMPBELL.