Friday, December 10, 2010

The Problem With The Awesomeness of Jeffry Campbell

I have adored Jeffry Campbell shoes forever! The brand provides covetable, on trend footwear for really reasonable (but not so reasonable the quality suffers much) prices! They take risks which almost always pay off, and seem capable of setting off hoards of fashionistas foaming at the mouth for the latest shoes.

And therein lies the problem.When Jeffrey Campbell launched Pink Rock, I found myself in one of those foamy furies, looking desperately for the already near impossible to find Litas in pink. I was a woman on a mission, and nothing was going to stop me! But as I searched site after site, I became aware of something. There were the Pixie and Tick wedges, over there the Charli clogs... these were all "It" shoes of the past year that at one point were out of stock all over, now readily available. At first I was relieved, my sold out shoes would surely be back in stock in a few months time! But then I realized - my stand out shoes would be on hundreds upon hundreds of fashionistas' feet by the time I got my hands on them. And I had to ask myself, "Are they nearly as much fun when everyone else is wearing them too?"

Street style pics featuring Jeffrey Campbell shoes are all over the interwebs, like Chictopia

I'd be a liar if I didn't admit there was joy in owning something everyone else wants but can't get their hands on. But this goes much beyond that and into sheep territory. I do believe people actually like the shoes and aren't just following trends blindly, but when you see five people on the subway wearing the exact same pair as you, well you begin to feel like maybe your style isn't very special anymore.

I can't imagine how difficult it must be in NYC, where getting your hands on the latest pair is easier than fighting the online masses on I remembering already seeing the original Litas all over fashion week in September, will pink and glitter be the footwear of choice for February? Or will they have already been discarded for a new color or style?

I do maintain the belief that you should wear whatever makes you happy, everyone else be damned. But I also need to be honest with myself and accept that everyone wearing the same shoes as me will make me quite unhappy. So Jeffrey Campbell, could you please be a little less awesome? Just a touch?