Thursday, December 23, 2010

Red Wool Coat

Red Wool CoatPeopel always go crazy for my bright pink winter coat, it's such an easy way to stand out and look chic when it's freezing out! This fire engine red coat by Tahari is a classic look made stand out! Plus it's on sale for the 40% off price of $130 at Nordstrom.


Marry said...

You mean this coat is at just $78 only?

Is the discount offer still there?

Vyque said...

Hi Marry,

I meant the coat's currently listed price of $130 is 40% off it's retail price of $218, sorry for the confusion!

Marry said...


I was really confused!!!

How come a coat like this available at such a cheap rate?

Btw it's still cheap if you compare with others :)

Vyque said...

Marry, I think it's just a really good after Christmas deal! Lots of stores need to clear out their stock to make way for 2011 merchandise, so from Dec 26 to Dec 31 you can find yourself some amazing steals! Now and March are the best times to buy winter coats for cheap