Friday, December 30, 2011

My Style Challenge: 2011 In Review

Many of you probably don't know that I didn't do outfit posts prior to January 2010. That was when I gave myself a slightly belated resolution to follow - up my fashion game. I gave myself the following rules for dressing myself every morning in the hopes that I would break out of my ho hum rut:

  • Do not wear the same pair of trousers to work twice a week
  • Before you leave the house put ON one accessory
  • Wear non-black shoes at least once per week
  • Wear color and/or print top & bottom combo at least once per week
  • Wear a skirt or dress at least once per week
  • Wear a multi-layered ensemble (not just top and cardigan!) once every other week
  • Try dressing down a cocktail dress at least once a month
  • Planning your outfits the night before is better than pretending you don't sleep in and throwing on whatever's closest each morning
  • Don't be afraid to stand out!!
Needless to say, I pretty much have blown those rules out of the water! Check out my 2010 Review Part One and 2010 Review Part Two to see how my sense of style evolved into what I consider a strong base. But I really think 2011 is when my personal style really started to shine!!!
Ahh, some of my favorite looks from 2011! As you can see, I began to more heavily accessorize in the first part of the year, played around with mixed prints, began to really get obsessed with blazers for layering and rocked some serious color!!
Right about summer time I began to really understand what it meant to pile on the jewelry! I practically wore every single bracelet I owned at my bridal shower which I think really helped me break through my wall!
In the last part of the year I got married!! I loved my dress, which I designed myself and highly recommend others do!  I also got obsessed with my indigo blazer courtesy of Zara, chopped off my hair and went blonde!!

2011 was amazing, I'm not sure how I can have an even better year! I do plan to push my style boundaries though, what style resolutions should I make? I'm thinking I should wear more brooches and perhaps try out more monochrome looks... What suggestions do you have for me??

NYE What To Wear: Staying In

Please note this is not having pople over - that's my NYE House Party post! This is all about being lazy and sitting on your couch for New Years, something I'm still tempting to do tomorrow night! I was honstly just going to post a Snuggie and leave it at that, but I changed my mind and have decided to at least attempt to find a cute loungewear outfit!

NYE: Staying In

Hooray, some cozy yet styling! Printed lounge pants rule, even if they're loud and hideous, who's going to judge you? But these are quite cute giraffe print! Add on a tank and warm wrap sweater, some slipper socks for when you need to go to the kitchen for more boxed wine and you're set!!

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NYE What to Wear: Fancy Restaurant

Now I've never gone to a restaurant to celebrate New Years Eve, but I have been out to eat before and I certainly have some opinions on looking nice while horfing that pan seared halibut!

New Years Eve: Fancy Restaurant

You'll be at a table for most of the night - a long slit skirt looks totally amazing while sitting down!! And now is the time to bust out your tallest, most uncomfortable shoes! You can also bring your fab clutch as you won't have to carry it all night. Bonus points for one that can stand on its own and take up less space at the table!! And this is one occasion I wouldn't recommend layering too many bracelets, way too jangly every time you take a bite! Find a stunning statement cuff to bling it up with instead!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

NYE What To Wear: House Party

Now house party is a pretty generic term that can mean anything from parents needing a place to socialize that's kid-friendly to formal cocktail soiree to house-trashing, cops coming crazy town. For the purposes of this post I'm considering it something in between: adult but not out, with hip music just loud enough that you can hear a conversation but maybe jam out a little too.

New Years Eve: House Party

I personally think a house party is the perfect chance to dress up some cute shorts!!! I love the idea of rocking leopard print ones with a tight hot pink top and throwing a oversized, chunky knit sweater on top to balance it all out. Since you should be able to find a place to sit if needed, pull out your tall, uncomfortable shoes that make your legs look super long! And be sure to wear a bright, stand out coat - easy to find when there are 30 thrown on the guest bed!

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NYE What to Wear: Hipster Bar

I've already posted some tips on what to wear if you're heading out to a club for NYE, now it's time to share my knowledge on dressing for the hipster NYE!

New Years Eve: Hipster Bar

Hipsters love their dance parties, but make no mistake - this is nothing like dressing to go to an actual dance club! This isn't about looking like a sexy starlet, it's all about looking cool without trying too hard. Which of course, takes way more effort :P

While really anything can go, it is New Years Eve so why not dress up a little? A collared shift dress with some festive embellishment is a perfect balance between glam and too cool! But I would lean towards wearing some flats instead of tall heels, like these chic oxfords. Add on a hat (preferably mens-inspired) over messy hair and a retro faux fur wrap to complete the look! I would again go for a mini crossbody bag, though - they're just so perfect for dancing!

Colorblock Heels

I've found myself drawn to colorblock heels lately! This pair has both black and brown, making them tres versatile! Buy at SoleStruck for $170.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

NYE What to Wear: Posh Club

Just a few days left in 2012!!! If you're like many of my friends, you've just figured out what you'll be doing and definitely have no idea what to wear. Well, that depends on where you'll be when the ball drops!

In my younger days I went downtown to a hotspot club where the line went around the block and that was for people who pre-bought their tickets! If that's your plan for the weekend, I definitely have some tips for you:

Wear a dress to catch all the strobing lights - now is the time for bright sequins, not your LBD!! But be sure it's not too bodycon - you'll want to be able to shake your booty! Speaking of, find a pair of comfortable heels to dance in. I recommend Cole Haan, which have cute shoes that won't leave you limping after an hour. And don't bring a clutch that you'll probably lose! Find a cute crossbody mini bag to pack in your essentials. Finally, keep warm until you get inside by rocking a cute leather jacket with a cozy lining like shearling!

Tribal Deer Sweater

Really feeling this tribal-esque deer! It's one of those perfect winter to spring pieces - wear now with some burgundy cords and a furry vest, a little later with a chiffon skirt and boots! Buy at Singer 22 for $141.

Floral Print Pants

I spent a good month or so obsessively contemplating whether I wanted these floral print Preen pants or not. From further away I adored the neutral yet not print, but from up close I think they felt too "brocade" for my taste. To be honest, I still can't decide!! Should I buy these from for the sale price of $180??

My Style Challenge: Geometric Fishnets

There are very few times I think nude hose is acceptable. Meeting with the Queen or attending a formal ball during the winter were my previous ones. Now I can add: layering under fishnets when it's cold out to the list!

I almost included some patterned black tights/fishnets in my Five Tights Every Woman Should Own piece, but decided five was a nice round number so left them out. Hmm, now I'm beginning to wonder if that was a mistake... though I suppose lace tights cover the general idea!
I'm wearing: Guess? striped top, Paul & Joe purple mini, Lux blazer from Urban Outfitters,  Gee Wa Wa claw boots, Lovers + Friends purse, tights from South Moon Under, scarf from high school. The jewelry is: Jimmy Choo for H&M studded cuff on right wrist; on left rhinestone bangles from CUSP, Juicy Couture pink braclet, J. Crew purple wrap, Banana Republic stacking rings. Chain necklace from Last Call NM and badass MockingJay pin from eBay!!
How do you like my look? It's my first outfit post with my pretty new hair!!!