Monday, January 24, 2011

Fashion of the 70s

So by now you've probably heard that 70s fashion is making a big come back! Well, I don't know about you, but I automatically think of boho hippie chic when I visualize that decade, a la "Dazed & Confused."

I definitely recommend watching this movie for some fashion inspiration... and more than a few laughs!

The 70's were an interesting time, people kept a 60's free-spirited and rebellious attitude, but disco was glamming things up and markets, and therefore fashion, were becoming more global. Denim was king, and pants started off flared early in the decade, hit full on bell bottom by the mid 70's and then deflated again by '79. I seriously think that's what happening again now, though with fashion now on ludicrous speed I think the entire cycle will finish by 2016 ;)
More inspiration can be found by watching "That 70's Show"
Or "Charlie's Angels"
The flared pant silhouette was often paired with peasant blouses, ponchos and platform shoes. But for a more disco flair think halter necklines, jumpsuits, and tube tops. Dresses ranged from maxi all the way to micro mini! Corduroy, paisley, suede, and lame were all popular. And who can forget that this was the beginning of women in menswear:
My final inspiration recommendation would have to be "Boogie Nights." One of my favorite movies and has amazing, truly authentic wardrobe choices!
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