Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lil' Lupe Fuentes Launches Sexy Little Angel

Lil' Lupe Fuentes is a 79 lb, 4'9" porn star. She feels that the fashion industry is ignoring the needs of little people and has launched her own line called Sexy Little Angel, which offers sizes Small, Petite, and Tiny. She told TMZ, "In America, there are all of the plus size stores for those who are big, or overweight, when the ideal for many is to be thin and fit."She added, "I have nothing against women who are overweight, but I can’t shop in their stores."

It's true that options are pretty limited for the extremely petite woman out there... unless she wants to buy all her clothes at Baby Gap! So, even though I imagined I would be a medium by her standards, I was very interested in the concept. But alas, the execution is what many would expect from a porn star - super tiny, super tight, perfect for working the strip.

I did notice that there's a tiny shoes category. Even though it's currently empty, it could be something interesting to watch, even if it is all stripper heels!