Monday, January 31, 2011

My Style Challenge: Pink Blazer ReImagined

A little bit ago I wrote about a too large pink blazer. Well, I had decided I wasn't really happy with its dwarfing silhouette, so I had put it in my "to donate" bag when I had a stroke of genius! I once saw a street style picture of a girl who cut off the sleeves of a mens' blazer. She looked so chic and I always told myself I wanted to do the same thing one day. Well, this pink blazer may not be menswear, but the principle remained the same! So here it is, reborn:
I absolutely love how it turn out - it went from boring and a bit old lady-ish to edgy and fashionable! It no long overwhelms me and took maybe five minutes to do, hooray!
I'm wearing: a Land's End blazer with the sleeves cut off, a purple tee courtesy of Land's End Canvas, grey knit BCBG pants, my beret from Barney's, American Apparel fingerless gloves and my Robert Cleregie boots also from Barney's.
This look took me from the office to DC Restaurant Week! I went out with some of my BFFs, Judy & Julie, to Charthouse in Alexandria for delicious seafood - yum!


Alyssa said...

Very creative! Definitely looks better now.