Monday, January 24, 2011

My Style Challenge: Plaid Cape

My fashion maven mom gave me a beautiful plaid caplet that I always mean to wear more often. For some reason I rarely think about outerwear until it's so cold I have to bundle up in a wool coat! Well, even though it's January, there was a randomly warm day last week and I figured I should rock it while taking Miss Kyoko out for a walk to enjoy the weather!It comes with a matching plaid belt, but I was inspired to instead pair it with a navy and black bow belt I bought last fashion week. They look made to go with each other! And instead of my regular skinny jeans, I thought maybe I could pull out a pair of flared jeans since they're so hot right now. Hmm, they're a little loose in the knee area, which kinda diminishes the flare effect, but I suppose they'll do.... for now ;)
I'm wearing: Nordstrom plaid caplet, stretch bow belt from Anthropologie, C3 cashmere sweater bought from Bluefly, flared jeans from Victoria's Secret, Betsey Johnson drop earrings and my Ken Pavesclip-on bangs!!
The Mr is quite the photog, don't you think?? Now I just need to amp up my modeling - Tyra wold bitch at me for not elongating my neck here, ha.


WendyB said...

So pretty! Love the cape and your hairdo too!

Christina of Profresh Style said...

Can we talk about your tiny waist?! HOLY MOLY!! <3 You look stunning!


PS: Love love love the high bun!

A Stylized Hysteria said...

You look really great in the cape- the shades of red in it are really flattering. And... Ms. Kyoko is super cute!!