Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rachel Zoe Dress Scandal

It doesn't surprise me to hear about celebrity fashion line pieces bearing a striking resemblance to previous designer clothing, but hearing that about Rachel Zoe does make me double take. As a stylist, you think she'd know better than to damage her credibility and her relationships!

But one of the dresses in her upcoming 2011 collection, which was just unveiled yesterday, is without doubt is case of deja vu. In fact, Jane Keltner deValle of Teen Vogue actually tweeted a side by side of the dress and a picture of Rachel Zoe actually styling a woman in the exact same dress in a 2007 issue. Seriously, I can't tell a difference:
Crazy, right? It was apparently a vintage dress so she at least didn't anger a specific designer, but there's no way her reputation won't take a hit!


Chelsea Rae said...

Knocking off someone's designer is never a good thing. It's probably the lamest thing a person/company can do. However, the fact is, I don't really see Rachel Zoe as a legitimate designer. So, in terms of her reputation as a designer, I don't think it's weakened in the least, and I'm not really sure her reputation as a stylist has anything to do with her lack of creativity as a "designer". It's still a funny story, especially that Jane Keltner deValle called her out on the fraud via Twitter. Social networking at its best!

Poochie said...

I can't stand her for so many reasons. This just adds fuel to the fire.