Monday, January 10, 2011


I was recently sent some Shapercise to test out. It's a very interesting concept, acting as both shape wear and tone wear at the same time! If you're like me you're pretty familiar with the concept of shape wear, as celebrities all over sing the praises of Spanx, but not as aware of tone wear. In fact, I hadn't heard of the idea until maybe a month ago when I saw a commercial for Reebok tone wear on TV.

Basically the theory is that resistance bands built into the undergarment force muscles to work harder when performing daily tasks, therefore burning additional calories. Shapercise not only provides women with a smoother and slimmer looking silhouette instantaneously, but with regular use over time, this body shaper allows women to see and feel a change in their bodies long term.Now please note that I'm relatively small framed person who obsessively goes to the gym, so I am not the best judge of this product. But I did put it on with my most unflattering dress ever. Shiny satin and clingy, the Shapercise definitely smoothed me out, though not as well as your typical Spanx.

So I wore them for a day running errands and the like. I noticed some resistance and even felt more motivated to take the stairs over the elevator and whatnot. But, again, I'm relatively athletic and it would take much more than wearing these daily to improve my muscle tone.

Overall I think these would be a good way for someone who never gets to the gym to tone up a little, particularly if you're on your feet most of the day, like a waitress or doctor. Over a month or two of near daily use you'd probably see a difference, not bad for such litter effort!