Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ADAM F/W '11

ADAM's fall 2011 collection was inspired by a recent exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian. You could definitely see its influence in the fabrics, patterns and colors!
There were killer blanket coats and capes, and lots of chambrey, mohair and silk. The collection had muted colors - some touches of red through though, a slight 70s influence and felt very utilitarian - clothes you could actually wear on a daily basis!
His use of delicate lace stood out to me, not only in cocktail frocks but in amazing t-shirts that would look fab paired with jeans and a blazer! Or with a blanket coat and black wool trousers ;)
The ethnic prints were great, pulling off Native American and boho perfectly. As an aside, as someone who is part Native American, I really don't like the term "American Indian." How is "Indian" suddenly PC when American is added in front? But I digress, here are my pictures, as a reminder ou can click the button in the lower right with the arrows to go to full screen!