Saturday, February 12, 2011

IFB Evolving Influence Feb 2011

I helped out a bit with the IFB Evoling Influence Conference this year, which was so much fun! Pretty much I ran around taking videos of fabulous bloggers in attendance, asking them about their plans for the week and whatnot. It was a ton of fun, if I didn't catch you let me know in th e comments what shows and events you went to!

I was also a brand ambassador for The Find, which will be debuting a new visual search in the upcoming months. I got to test it out and I think an hour later someone pulled me out of a shopping haze and I was like what happened?? They should name it Lotus Eater Search, fer real! Hopefully I'll get a chance to do a more in-depth review for all you lovelies later!

The conference itself was so much fun! It was great to hear from amazing people like Rich Tong, the fashion director at Tumblr, Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting, and my new role model, Leandra of Man Repeller. I highly recommend checking out her blog! As far as discussions went, I think some of the key points had to be to approach brands you truly love about working with them, but don't ask for money (at least at first!), to find your niche and focus on quality content that has a unique point of view, and to blog for yourself, not for money! Ooo, also that if you do want to elevate your blogging, you need to identify your goals. To be famous? To work in fashion? To write? Always good to know why you're doing what youre doing... I didn't really have a goal when i started out, other than to have fun. Now, I'm still unsure. I have a full time job i love and don't wish to quit, But I love blogging and I do want to do more. But what is more for me? I'm SO not a writer, I don't have time to consult on social media since i already do it full time... Ay ideas? I think I just want to be famous, someone make that happen, k?

Some fabulush people at the event... I probably should have gotten their names :O

Proenza Schouler boys Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez were the keynote speakers. It was pretty awesome to see them speak, they are both super adorable and really really really intelligent. We learned that their mood / inspiration boards are usually covered with street style pics from blogs - genius! It makes sense, you should have seen the amazing outfits at the conference, I found it totally inspiring! Definitely check out some of my pictures!Anyhoo, one of my favorite parts of the event was seeing so many of my favorite bloggettes! It was great catching up with Jennine of The Coveted, Wendy Brandes and Amy of Midtown Girl during the day, and then seeing Deeane of Dream Sequins and Jordy of Clutch 22 at the after party! The after party was at the Chelsea Room and was loads of fun. But near the end of the night it got hilarious as a VH1 reality tv show came crashing in. It's new and I didn't catch the name so let's just call it the Desperate Cougers of Jersey Shore. It was at first annoying, but then kinda hilarious as we started jumping in front of the cameras, Alyssa giving them a big thumbs up. Boy, the camera men did not appreciate! We started talking to some of the girls, telling them we were a fashion week party. More hilarity ensued as one of the slightly pudgy girls in a way low cut dress asked me if she was a Do or a Don't. Panicking, I responded with, "You're a Do! Who wouldn't want to do those boobs!" she, of course, responded by grabbing her lady bits and screaming, "hell yeah!!!" Needless to say, that may be one of the most memorable moments of any of my fashion weeks.
The "Do" is second from the right
Overall it was an amazing day, congrats to Jennine and her team for pulling off such a great event! Check out all my pictures here: