Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Interview With Christina of Decades Past

I met Christina of Profresh Style last fashion week, during Fashion's Night Out! She was super sweet and so when I heard that she was opening her own vintage boutique online, Decades Past, I jumped at the chance to ask her a few questions.

Having been a fashion blogger since 2009, it's obvious that you have a deep love of style! What made you decide to open a vintage boutique online?

I think it was about people coveting the things I loved and wanting to share with them our finds. It makes me so happy to have the ability to sell to people my favorite finds and pieces I've been wearing in my blog posts. It was important to me to start my business online since my entire "career" in blogging revolves around the web. It was a beautiful transition.You opened your store with a friend, do either of you have prior experience? Were there any surprises or unexpected items to deal with now that you're you've moved from vision to actuality?

I've been managing retail stores since I was 19 so I've got experience managing. Then, last year I was in the process of buying the retail store I managed when the deal fell through. That sparked me on a rampage to conquer my dream of owning my own business. Now, it's finally here. I'll speak for myself when I say that the biggest surprise was handling paypal. I mean, I've shopped using my paypal account online but learning how to accept payments was definitely a challenge. Everything else, I pretty much prepared myself for. Running a website, managing current content, etc. was something I already did with Profresh Style. The transition was fairly easy. Although, the stress levels hit max at some points.Where do you get the clothing from? Do you have any tips for finding vintage treasures?

We get our clothing from all over the place. It's usually thrift shops in the bay area or on our travels as well as estate sales. Have you ever been? Talk about treasures! My biggest tips would have to be:

-Understand what your "look" is. You may be looking at a shoulder-padded over-sized floral blouse but with the right accessories and key pieces in your wardrobe, you'll be able to visualize how it can be incorporating into your closet.
-Don't underestimate the simple pieces. A simple silk blouse can really be a great addition into your wardrobe and instead of paying $60, you're paying 3 times less.
-Don't be overwhelmed. Conquer it one row/rack at a time.What are your goals for 2011?

My goals for 2011 are to just live my life. I stressed too much last year and overwhelmed myself. Now, I'm just living my dreams but this time, I'm breathing. As far as what I want to accomplish, I hope to get my career off the ground, transform my blog into more than just a blog and have a very successful shop.

Thanks Christina for these great insights and be sure to check out her store... wait, can I call dibs on some things first?