Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jeremy Laing F/W '11

Jeremy Laing this season was inspired by the winter equinox's lunar eclipse. It manifested in crater prints - what a subtly genius idea! It felt a little watching hour to me; dark, moody and a little creepy, but all in a good way. I likes the flowy long skirts and cropped turtle necks. There was also a pair of slouchy wide legged pants that was a skirt in the back, it's like magic! This was another cool kids of fashion event, I got a great shot of Julia Frakes in cute glasses and fun leg warmers.Hair was wet and lipstick dark at Jeremy Laing.
I thought the contrast between the silk and velvet in this asymmetrical neckline was very cool!
I loved the collection, which had a a disheveled quality to it, making it feel somewhat organic as well as dark. Here are all my pictures, with more (and better) by Alyssa coming soon, sorry a lot of them are kinda dark.