Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jill Stuart F/W '11

Jill Stuart is one of my favorite designers, know for creating girly party frocks! I'm particularly drawn to her spring ethereal pieces that flow around the body like a cloud.But this was fall, so the collection had a more tailored vibe, not that there's anything wrong with that! The collection was inspired by Heidi Specker's photos of the Black Forest in Germany... sounds like my wedding theme! There were super cute owl and fox prints (like the skirt above) and the color palette was an autumny teal, persimmon and emerald, which was particularly amazing when put all together in mismashed colorblocked patterns.Becka Diamond, Mena Suvari and (bleh I hate her, she's so fake) Olivia Munn were all in the front row. There was some "Bambi" printed rabbit fur that looked amazing and I would definitely snatch up if it was faux and affordable, and lots of stacked heel loafers paired with socks.
This pleated dress with a peek of gold had to be my favorite - screams lovely yet wicked forest fairy! Look at all my pictures and let me know what looks were your fave!