Monday, February 21, 2011

Mara Hoffman F/W '11

I would sum up Mara Hoffman's Fall 2011 collection as abstract tribal desert nomad. Succinct, no? She was influenced by her artist husband Javier Piñón's latest work, O Babalon, a collage depicting a mystical earth goddess and her attendants. Mara Hoffman extended that idea into an exploration of the female spiritual being and warrior.

Setting the tone for the presentation was the Japanese band Water Fai, playing chill, etheral music that carried the viewer off to distant lands. The models graced the stage wearing dresses with bold, geometric prints that bore names like "Hunter", "Arrows", "Wolfy" and "Traveler." They were accessorized with stunning jewelry by All For The Mountain (check out their totally trippy website), turbans, and somewhat incongruously, flip-up sunglasses. In addition to the printed fabrics there were intricate knits constructed in Peru and a multi-striped wool tweed developed by Hoffman for the collection.

The turban, tasseled body jewelry, and heavily kohled eyes of the model, bring to mind an exotic princess in a far off land.

I love the colorful, almost kaleidoscopic pattern revealed between the zebra striping of this dress, but the pattern leads the eye directly to the model's lady parts...or is that just me?

Look at her nails! Look at her nails! I was geeking out so hard over the black markered fingertips. I wonder how much I would frighten my coworkers if I showed up to work tomorrow with my nails like that?

You know the drill, to see the whole collection, catch the slideshow below, or click on it to view full screen:


Vyque said...

hippie lady parts!!!