Monday, February 21, 2011

Nautica F/W '11

This was the first time I attended the presentation of an all menswear collection at Fashion Week, and having done so, I would happily attend more. *blink* *blink*...what? The Nautica Fall 2011 presentation was, well, nautically themed (admit it, you come to fasshonaburu for keen insights like this). Specifically the collection was inspired by the Maritime Heritage of the Sleeping Dunes region of Lake Michigan. The pops of bright orange contrasted with deep navy blues are a hat tip to the safety orange of the Coast Guard.

While Nautica is by no means breaking new ground here, that can be refreshing in and of itself. Often times the menswear at fashion week tends towards ensembles that would be difficult to talk the average guy into wearing (see green velvet pants at Nicholas K). Undoubtedly (and unsurprisingly) preppy, this collection is modern, tailored, manly, and of the utmost importance to many men, looks comfortably wearable as well. Me? I'd happily take a boat trip with any one of these guys.

At Nautica I learned that male models tend to be easily distracted...

...and very concerned (note furrowed brow...a popular facial expression)

This outfit is so Nate in Gossip Girl that whenever I look at this picture the model's face morphs into Chase Crawford's.

See all the looks from the Nautica Fall 2011 presentation below, or click on the widget to view the slideshow full size:


Vyque said...

ahoy matey! for some reason when I see the models looking to the side I think they're all cats and someone has a feather on a stick