Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rachel Antonoff F/W '11

I LOVE LOVE LOVE RACHEL ANTONOFF!!!1!1!! Per usual, her presentation was the most creative, most exciting of all NY Fashion Week. This season it was a dance held in the gym at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School - too adorable for words.The scene at the dance! As you can see, the models were all scattered about, boogying on the dance floor to The Like, who were playing live, sitting at tables, even spiking the punch bowl!
These mean girls were glaring from the bleachers. The collection was quirky, slightly nerd chic, with plaids and brocades, great oxford shoes (Antonoff's second collaboration with Bass) and truly amazing tights with cat, lightning bolt and hearts on the knees.The Like was playing and each girl was wearing a look! Remember when I interviewed them at Vena Cava? After I left Alex Chung stopped by and started getting down on the dance floor, totally blending in with the models - I'm so sad I missed that!!Awww, some puppy love smooches on the dance floor. We have a bazillion pictures for you to peruse, but really get anyone ever get enough of Rachel Antonoff?