Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rebecca Minkoff Afterparty

The Rebecca Minkoff afterparty was lots of fun, held at one of my new favorite places in NYC, The Griffin! Where the Style Coalition holiday party was held, the venue has posh chandeliers, velvet seating and lots of reflective surfaces so you can check out yourself surrounded by other fabulous people! I ran into the ever lovely Kristin from Fashion Style Beauty in line and then wandered around the venue for awhile taking pictures of party people!
It was already packed by the time I got there, full of people gyrated while Becka Diamond DJed. There was a huge rotating fixture in the center with shoes and purses, later on I realized it was a cake! I noshed on some later in the night and it was excellent.Alyssa showed up after a bit and then we ran into tons of my favorite people like Jordana of Clutch 22, queen of Style Coalition, Yuli, Alix Rose and Jess Estrada! They dragged me up to a private area overlooking the floor, apparently I was a Smirnoff VIP - who knew???Jordy was lucky I didnt try to stuff that entire bottle in my bag!! There was Smirnoff People’s Challenge set-up downstairs – a massive taste test that travels city-to-city and party-to-party, where Smirnoff goes head-to-head against other premium and ultra-premium vodkas in the hopes of determining the best testing vodka on the market. I didn't actually do the taste test, but I couldn't get enough of their cocktails - so delish!

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