Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ruffian F/W '11

Ruffian was very tailored and classy, which makes sense since the inspiration was the evolution of the tuxedo and the 19th century "simplification of formal dress" otherwise known as semi-formal. How YSL! There was a juxtaposition of mens tailoring and feminine fabrications and textiles such as lace, fringe, velvet, and beading. I was also a big fan of the "ruff" collar technique they used! I do wish there was more color, Besides some black and yellow gold print and merlot red, it was mostly black and ivory.
Giant fabu collar! I kinda like the idea of an oversized mens blazer style coat, think I could pull it off? It's all about finding the rit proportions.
Poufy coat! Probably not something the average person could wear, but perfect if you like standing out, even in a fabulous crowd.
Here's one of the slightly more feminine looks, very ballerina!

Here's all my pictures and a video of the final runway walk!!