Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tess Giberson F/W '11

Tess Giberson was pretty awesome, full of lots of the fashion cool kids like Susie Bubble! Clothing was very deconstructed and then put back together differently, creating a chic, edgy vibe. I also liked the contrast between fabrics, knits mixed with leather, silk paired with laser cut tulle. The color palette was very neutral,blots of blac, gray and indigos, but there were pops of bright red vermillion that I loved. All the jewelry was a collaboration with Ninh Wysocan - lots of jewelry collaborations this season!
I adored this bright float red dress and shaggy vest together!
Lots of great looks! I love the double neck red dress on the far left.
OMG I just died over this textured fabric, is this the laser cut tulle??

All my pictures to come later, stupid iPad wont let me embed my Flickr sets! Update - Pictures!