Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Timo Weiland F/W '11

I am SO MAD AT MYSELF as I accidently erased 90% of my Timo Weiland pictures. I have four left, I suppose it's better than nothing? Sighhhh. New cameras are confusing!
There were mens and womens clothing shown, some of which I believe were unisex. Inspired by British colonial life in India, textures and fabrics were inspired by the indigenous animals and snow-covered dessert landscapes. Those speckled prints are truly to die for, there are no words!
Besides the amaze technicolor snow prints, colors included rhubarb red and royal blue, and the neutrals black, ivory, grey and camel. I believe there was also some metallic gold and silver in there.
I loved these trousers, which took sailor pants to an extreme!
Interesting tidbit: creators Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein started off doing mens' neckwear, which eventually appeared on the infamous Chuck Bass! They quickly realized that accessories were not their end game, and expanded into the fabulous clothing like the ones I have no pictures of today!