Friday, February 11, 2011

Wayne F/W '11

Wayne was a last minute show, I actually got an email the day of the show saying "Sure, confirmed" - ha. I'm a "Sure, why not" attendee! So I dipped out of the IFB Evolving Influence Conference for a little to go to the show! Happily, it was in the same building so not too much effort.Designer Wayne Lee (who is a girl, btw) totally rocked fall! Inspiration came from the Renaissance artist Hans Memling's oil portraits. Lots of head to to leathur, asymmetrical closures, and draped, flowing skirts all worked together to create an edgy collections. Again, lots of black for fall, with the occasional pop of red! And the walnut carved jewelry was a collaboration with her boyfriend and artist, Eric Fertman.Loved the leather jackets, layers and hoods, didn't love the hands of the person sitting next to me. Stop photo bombing my shots!The palette had a lot of black, brown and white neutrals, so the reds really stood out!

Check out all the pictures here: