Friday, February 18, 2011

Zang Toi F/W '11

Zang Toi somehow managed to be both simultaneously rowdy fun and an elegant affair - no wonder he and Wendy Brandes are pals because that is a frakking dead-on way to describe her!!! Here she is with Mr B in a spring 2011 Zang Toi dress, with a cowboy hat that Zang himself made her wear!
Models walked slowly down the runway with amazing top buns I plan to replicate by winding my hair around a toilet paper roll. As soon as models starting coming out people would clap and gasp with amazement, so different (and better) from the stone cold silence usually at fashion shows. His daywear had luxe fabrics like cashmere, silk, tweed and fur and remained mostly neutral with a few pops of rich emerald green.
His eveningwear can only be described as opulent, with Swarovski crystal jewelry and embellishment, French lace and velvets! Real Housewife Jill Zarin closed the show in the above $30k dress! Here are all my pictures and a video of the final model walk: