Friday, March 25, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham may be one of the most influential voice in fashion. A photographer for the NY Times, he's known for his party candids and street style pics. In fact, I feel like he really pioneered the street style world! His shots define style, even Anna Wintour has said, "We all dress for Bill Cunningham."

I first became aware of his existence when I began attending NY Fashion Week. First I was all, "Who is this tiny old man in the blue cardigan?" He was always smiling and had a ginormous, old camera bigger than his head! He even took a picture of me at a Tuleh show, when I was rocking a seriously fab vintage hat I should definitely wear again! Now I think he's my favorite fashion celeb siting, even more exciting than Kate Lanphear or Julia Frakes!

He's a living legend who's been documenting NY fashion for decades, so I'm not surprised that someone finally made a documentary film about him! Best of all, it's coming to DC!! I haven't been to many films (as opposed to movies :P ) since I graduated collage, but there's no way I can miss this!

Bill Cunningham New York is opening in Washington D.C. today at the E Street Cinema!