Thursday, March 24, 2011

Carine Roitfeld Going to Barney's

I saw at Carine Roitfeld was heading to Barney's this morning on Twitter, but it didn't occur to me that I should post about it! When was the last time I wrote up some fashion news, seriously?? Oh, I guess it wasn't that long ago, but most of my news posts revolve around collections or collaborations launching. So here's some of the minute fashion industry news!

So Carine Roitfeld, ex-editrix of French Vogue, will be a guest editor, muse & stylist for Barney's Fall 2011 campaign. OK, let me be honest and saw when I saw the news on Twitter I didn't actually read the article so I though this was a much bigger deal than it is. Not that her duties of styling and editing Barney’s Fall 2011 catalogue, campaign window displays isn't awesome, but I thought she had been named as new creative director or something. And for those extrememely in the know, yes I know they just named former W creative director Dennis Freedman in that role, but it's the only position I can think of that would suit her.

So yeah, be on the lookout for Barney's fabulous campaign!