Friday, March 04, 2011

Libertine F/W '11

During Fashion Week, I am always most excited to see the collections of creative and quirky designers. The ones that are doing something completely different from what everyone else is doing. The Libertine line fits that description to a tee, So I was pretty giddy with anticipation when I had the opportunity to attend the the Libertine Fall/Winter 2011 runway show. Well, suffice to say, I was the exact oppostie of disappointed. In fact, Libertine was my favorite collection for fall.

A model pauses during the busy backstage preparations to preview one of the runway outfits.

Models stepped on the runway looking like they'd been attacked by a horde of painters with textured paint rollers. large wool coats, tweeds, flowing dresses, blazers, tights and legging, even knit hats, nothing was spared from the frenzied paint-bearing gang. The painted effect was applied in a crosshatched pattern that faded in and out, smudged, or cut off at angles. The intense hues of the prints will definitely make an impact for fall, no dreary black on gray on black again for Libertine! Royal blue, sunny yellow, and bright fuchsia were among the many boldly combined colors that brought a sense of fun and vitality to the collection. Even the black and white outfits stood out with with eye popping whites over deeply hued blacks.

Home decorating tip: Liven up your living space, by placing this brightly clad model in an unused corner!

I would happily own any (every) piece in this collection. Creative, colorful, and fun, these pieces are right up my alley. Unfortunately for me, Libertine seems to be a hard collection to purchase, as I found virtually nothing available on-line. Hopefully this will change once the Fall collection becomes available. If anyone knows where I might be able to track the line down please let me know!

Don't lean against the wall! You already got wet paint all over the front of your clothes!

Jane Keltner de Valle. Fashion News Director at Teen Vogue Tweeted it best: "Don't try this at home, but if u dipped a tire in neon paint & rolled it over granny chic tweeds..voila Libertine!"

View Libertine's entire F/W '11 collection below, or click the widget to see the pictures in all their full-sized glory.


Vyque said...

love this collection!