Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Mom-Approved Summer Wardrobe

I was recently speaking to a colleague about shopping and fashion. As a working mom of two (update: I'm not the working mom, my colleague is :P), I realized that it's quite easy for me to forget how different other people's fashion needs are. Some people need easy to wear clothing, sensible shoes and the ability to machine wash - all things I rarely consider when shopping, much less seek out! So what should the moms look for this summer?

Mom Approved
I recommend classic separates paired with super chic accessories! I tried to create three outfits here, with all the pieces somewhat interchangeable! And don't forget that even wardrobe base pieces can be in style - be on the look out for maxi skirts and dresses, chambray button downs, and full mid-length skirts. A pair of flared jeans is tres chic right now and super flattering! Worn with a striped tee and drapey cardigan, you look cute, comfy and casual, but not exactly stand out. So throw on a fab necklace, a roomy but super cute sling tote, some platform sandals with a walkable heel!

You don't need to wear a leopard print skirt and polka dot blouse paired with stilettos to look stylish - in fact you may look a little silly trying to chase a toddler around the playground in that. It's amazing how the little things can help take your outfit to a put together look that's subtle yet fashionable. So subscribe to the Vyque plan of putting one accessory ON before leaving the house! And none of this pearl studs and a thin gold chain - you need statement pieces in order to make a statement! Once all the other moms start asking you where you got your earrings, you'll find you won't be able to stop!


Curtis said...

Working mom of two? Either your sentence structure is misleading or you and I need to have a long talk...