Tuesday, March 08, 2011

More Flatforms

I already wrote about flatforms back in January, but new ones keep coming out as more and more people get excited about this trend! So I decided to create a second set of flatforms for all of you! Let's be perfectly clear though; these are NOT flatforms:These super cute Joie shoes found at Saks are platform wedge sandals. They have a nice 2" platform, but the heel raises up, making it comparable to a 2.5" heel. That is extremely NOT flat, people! I would like to boast that I think every shoe I found below has a pitch of less than 1.75" which would have the be the very max that can pass as a flatform.


The Greyest Ghost said...

I love flatforms, and am so glad they are "in" now. I never wear heels, and can't really wear traditional wedges because of knee problems. I hope more designers realize there is a huge market for cute flat shoes/flatforms made up by those of us who don't wear heels! : )