Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Schumacher F/W '11

I was invited to see the latest Schumacher collection and was, again, in love with the collection. I always look forward to Schumacher collections but this time I walked away keeping mental notes... of everything I wanted to buy for myself.The inspiration for this collection was Bianca Jagger lingering around Murakami's exhibit in Versailles. Lots of contrasts, in color and in texture. It's all very apparent in the bold colors juxtaposed with neutrals, in prim shapes with hints of the 70's. Fuller-leg trousers, maxi-skirts and dresses, floppy hats...these were all modernized so you won't look like you walked out of a vintage store. I was pleased to see that. Even though I normally shy away from brights, I loved that these pieces are so versatile. Like the runway look with a nude, patent leather cropped jacket paired with fiery red. I loved the nude scalloped-hem top that would look great on it's own (when it's warmer) or peeking out under a sweater.

Did you see the photos I took of the backs of some sweaters? A lot of times the back gets less attention in designs, so I love that there are cardigans that button up the back, or open in the back, like in the grey cowlneck.The accessories were worth drooling over too. My favorite is the patent ankle boot with scalloped edge that came in a higher or a lower heel! I don't normally wear hats but the floppy hats are so adorable, it makes me reconsider...I was so excited to hear that Schumacher pieces are now available online, with shipping to the US! I've already been to the website www.Dorothee-Schumacher.com several times to narrow down what I want!

Thanks so much to Anne-Kathrin for being the most gracious host!